Jennie Bates

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Through her work, Jennie investigates how humans perceive and interact with the world around us; most of her work relates to truth and the manipulation of the truth. Recently she has focused on unusual belief systems, particularly Flat Earth Theory, and constructed environments, real or imagined. She enjoys repeating tropes in her work – for example using grids as a device to delineate space or hands to represent humanity. She mainly uses collage and screen-printing to express her ideas and finds that these layered processes reflect the layers of meaning in her work.

Recent Exhibitions:
MUNDO SUBMARINO @ Hidden Door Festival, 25th May - 3rd of June, Leith Theatre, Edinburgh
Friends of the Fanzine, The Old Hairdressers’, Glasgow
Abbeymount NOW (group) Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh
Cramp Your Style Launch Party (group) The Old Hairdressers', Glasgow
Degree Show DJCAD, Dundee
Celebrating 80: Art in the Hand (group) The Goldsmiths’ Centre, London
Rinse & Repeat (solo) Freedom Hair Experience, Dundee
Window Installation (solo) The Cartocon Store, Dundee
Selection Box (group) Tin Roof, Dundee
National Galleries & Urban Outfitters Window Art Competition (solo) Urban Outfitters, Edinburgh