I take commissions to create one-off prints, for you, or as a personalised present for someone you want to impress! If you have a specific idea for a print we can discuss that - otherwise I can come up with something based on the information you tell me about the recipient.
Generally all you need to do is tell me what sort of things the recipient of the commission is into - favourite hobbies, places, objects or anything you’d like me to know about. I also ask if there’s any particular colours you’d like me to include or avoid!
Prices for commissions start at £160 for an A3 print or £200 for A2. We discuss your requirements and I will give you a quote - more complicated designs will cost a bit more. The price includes all my time communicating with you ahead of and during the commission, the time and materials taken to create the commission, printing, postage and packaging, and I take a 60% deposit before getting started.
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